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Triple custom maps

Triple custom maps


Choose three places in the UK that are important to you and I will laser-engrave them to create a piece of wall art.

It could be where your family members live or the location of where you met your love, the site of the proposal, and the location of your wedding venue. Provided they're all in the UK I can recreate them for you on oak veneered plywood and add a special personalised message to the back.

Custom Design:
Custom maps are digitally traced to a bespoke area before they can be laser-cut, therefore the cost reflects the work involved. Custom designs are priced at £170 for a map containing no water features, and £175 for a map with water features. Please choose the one you’d like from the drop down menu, or alternatively contact me if you’re unsure whether there will be any water featured in your map art. You can send me a message at and include the address or the coordinates (find them here) of the location you would like creating.

Map wall art includes an icon (such as a star or heart) placed in a location of your choice on the front of each map, and a message on the back piece.

If you would like to add extra personalisation, such as GPS longitude & latitude co-ordinates, or text and/or dates for each of the locations selected this will be £10 extra. If you would like existing designs with extra personalisation simply select this option from the drop down menu.

Size and scale:
You can choose for your maps to be displayed either vertically or horizontally.

Triple vertical custom maps are 11cm in width, 34.5cm in height, and 3.4cm in depth. They are created to a scale of 1:12500. 

Triple horizontal custom maps are 34.5cm in width, 11cm in height, and 3.4cm in depth. They are created to a scale of 1:12500. 

The Process:
Each design 
starts on the computer where I digitally recreate all the 50m contours, popular summits, any lakes, reservoirs or tarns, roads and place names. They are then laser etched and cut from oak veneered plywood, sealed with Danish oil and inset with blue tinted acrylic in place of water. Brass screws and spacers attach the maps to a back piece of white acrylic, to allow the blue tinted acrylic to show up, and a further piece of oak plywood laser-engraved with a logo and custom message. A triangle hanger is fitted to allow hanging on a wall if desired.

Custom coasters:
Once the design work has been created for a custom map there is also the option to add coasters of your design/s at a cost of £8 per coaster.

Production times:
Please allow 2-3 weeks for production of a custom piece. 

Important info:
As wood is a natural material its grain will vary from map to map, similarly wood colour may vary from map to map, therefore I can't guarantee your map will look exactly like those in the photos or be an exact colour match to one another.
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