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About ‘of Alp & Ash’
‘Of Alp & Ash' was borne one dark and rainy day (most likely) in the North West of England, when a laser cutter met a creative with a love of outdoors adventure (that’s me, Debs!)

My Contoured Coasters were inspired whilst out hiking the Wainwrights in the Lake District; I was using the old school method of navigating with paper maps and was fascinated by their attention to detail. I wondered if I could recreate them on the laser cutter in some way and, after much prototyping, my first 12 Lake District coasters were launched at a local craft fair.

Since then the collection has grown to include coasters of many popular hiking areas throughout the UK, as well as offering custom mapped areas as pieces of wall art.

I love that my pieces have found their way into the homes of fellow hikers & adventurous types, and serve as a reminder of the hills when we can’t be out amongst them.

All coasters & wall art pieces are laser cut and carefully finished by hand in a workshop at the bottom of my garden.

About Me
I was born and bred in Blackburn, and raised on camping holidays. I love the fresh air, the mountains, and the ice cream you definitely deserve at the end of a long walk.

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